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Seattle Industry Spring 2008

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Seattle Industry Online is published by the Manufacturing Industrial Council of Seattle

Contents Spring 2008

Volume 5, Number 1 (PDF version 4.7 MB)

Steel billets at Nucor-Seattle West Seattle plant (photo by April Greer)

Manufacturing 2008

The presidential candidates each say US manufacturing is dead and only they can bring it back. So who is making all the stuff establishing new records for US exports? Our 2008 survey of Washington manufacturing shines a light on this question and other realities that will probably not disturb the campaign rhetoric.

6 Export Surge: Six Years in the Making

Washington export growth predates the dollar drop

9 Northwest Industrial Index

Most other reports or surveys treat "manufacturing" as a singular entity, resulting in mountains of data that obscure the actual peaks and valleys that make up the manufacturing landscape.

15 Up from the Basement

Genie Industries in honored during the Washington Manufacturing Appreciation program June 2nd and 3rd.

16 Supply Chain Boot Camp

The Center for Advanced Manufacturing Services in Kent will help your company learn how to supply goods to growing companies.

17 Tapping into the Oil Sands

Canadian firms can help you tap into Alberta export opportunites.

18 Export Awards

Nordic Tug other Washington firms with recognition for export sales.



20 Seattle's Pollock Auction

Little eggs bring big gold.



26 Rustoleum?

Seattle acts to save its industrial base. Will the cure hold?

28 Ballard Transfer

Survive Big Oil? Easy. Survive bike paths? Not so easy.

30 Seattle First

60 Seattle business owners used Seattle First to solve problems, shouldn't you? A public-private partnership helps industrial firms in the city.