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Seattle Industry Spring 2007

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Seattle Industry Online is published by the Manufacturing Industrial Council of Seattle

Contents Spring 2007

Volume 4, Number 1 (PDF version 9.4 MB)

Artwork by Studio Pacific




4 In This Issue

Huge oil reserves in Canada, drowning polar bears in Alaskka, the UN Report on Global Warming, and the advisory vote on the Allaskan Way Viaduct. Momma said there might be days like this, but Aye Carumba!

6 Viaduct Debacle

Let's see if they can say it with a straight face: We're from City Hall and we want to know your opinion about the viaduct.

8 The Great Viaduct Dumb-Down

The Articles of Faith that led to the viaduct impasse, and other reasons why the Founders tried to seperate Church and State.


10 Oh, Canada!

The nations biggest trade partner is booming.

16 Fort McMurry - Short on Everything Except Oil, Cash, and Controversy

Money galore three hours by air from Seattle, but if you're heading for Alberta, bring your own coffee and mukluks because this place can make the North Slope seem like Maui.

19 Parlez-Vous Canadian?

A cultural guide.

21 Canada Bonanza

Your competitors may be cashing in already. Learn how to hook up with people who can help you do the same.


26 Gut Shot - The Great Polar Bear Debate

Get ready for the first real shootout in the looming battle between global warming and business as usual. Brough to us by President Bush, of all people.


34 Seattle

Tales of Three Cities - Seattle industrial planners look at Chicago, San Francisco, and other cities

38 Ballard

Score One For Wild Salmon, Alaska and Ballard - Ballard Owes Prince Charles a Toast or Two

39 Georgetown

Georgetown Braces for I-5 Closure

40 South Park

South Park Business Celebrated 100th Anniversary