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Seattle Industry Spring 2006

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Seattle Industry Online is published by the Manufacturing Industrial Council of Seattle

Contents Spring 2006

Volume 3, Number 5 (PDF version 4.5 MB)

Welder at Capital Industries in Seattle


4 In This Issue

Manufacturing Appreciation Week finds us with plenty of manufacturing to appreciate.

SPECIAL REPORT - Manufacturing 2006

6 Alive and Kicking!

A survey shows manufacturing in our state is healthy with some sectors going strong.

10 Growth Sectors

Good news about manufacturing that you probably never heard about.

15 World Trends and the China Card

The number of manufacturing jobs is down in most countries, but up in China.

16 Still Running; Still Hungry

Some of our best manufacturing companies open their doors for tours during Manufacturing Appreciation Week.

20 High Tech Angst

Computer jobs drop as the world goes flat.

21 Make More Money

Advice for manufacturers from Bernsten Porter.

22 Industrial Spotlight

Four local businesses worth knowing

25 Ground Up

Help design the Puget Sound Industrial Excellence Center at South Seattle Community College Open House June 2.


NEW FEATURE - Alaska Report

A new section dedicated to news from up north.

31 Alaska Banks on High Salmon Prices

Rebounding salmon prices help Alaskan families and exports.

34 Seattle Mayor Travels to Anchorage

Mayors Begich and Nikels attempt to heal regional rift from ANWR.

36 Scoop and Maggie

Maybe it's time to put Norwegians back in charge.



41 Georgetown - Door Closes, Window Opens

Rob Adamson turned adversity into Salvin Manufacturing.

42 Georgetown - Moeller Design and Development

Dave Moeller created an industry leader in making prototypes.

44 SODO - New SODO Resource Guide

Shopping, resources and more...oh my!.

45 South Park - Washington Liftruck

Nancy Smith took the wheel and kept Washington Liftruck on the road to success.



47 Alaskan Way Viaduct:

Transportation planners and community groups begin preparing for the day when the day the Alaskan Way Viaduct comes down.