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Seattle Industry Magazine is a periodical published by the Manufacturing Industrial Council of Seattle

Parking Garage

Tale of Two Garages

Transportation issues in SODO are always confusing and this is no exception.

Seattle Industry Goes Green

Seattle Industry Goes Green

Greener trucks, greener airplanes, greener tugs, greener electricity, the scum of the earth and other renewable energy resources. Read about all of these in our Fall 2008 Issue.

Polar Bears: Up Close and Personal

Polar Bears: Up Close and Personal

According to Alaska state officials, the polar bear is one of thirty Alaskan creatures that are now being pushed for endangered species status based on long range potential impacts of global warming.

Maritime Industry in Seattle

Surge Puts the "Sea" in Seattle

Maritime Industries bring billions to the region. Would more people care if it was called “Bio-maritech?”

Oh, Canada

Oh, Canada!

Opportunities abound in the Great White North. Our biggest trade partner is booming, many in our state will profits from it. Will you? (pdf)

Alive and Kicking

Alive and Kicking - Manufacturing 2006

Manufacturing in other parts of the country are hurting, but in Washington state many sectors are healthy and some are going strong. An in depth look at Washington Manufacturing 2006. (pdf)

Ties That Bind

Ties That Bind

When Alaska does well, we do good. It’s time to pay more attention and enlighten ourselves about the neighbors to the north. (pdf)

Ultimate Fish Ladder

Ballard Locks - Ultimate Fish Ladder

1) Of the 9,000 boats permitted to fish in Alaska, 1,000 are based in Washington.
2) While accounting for just over 10% of the boats, Washington vessels account for 60% of the Alaska catch.

These related facts are of national significance when it comes to the entire US seafood industry because the Alaska catch accounts for almost 60% of all US seafood exports, and 60% of that 60% is accounted for by people who root for the Huskies or the Cougars.