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Seattle Industry Magazine is a periodical published by the Manufacturing Industrial Council of Seattle


Website Advertising Rates and Specifications

The Seattle Industry Online website gives you, the advertiser, desk-top access to thousands of business people engaged in manufacturing, industrial distribution and transportation businesses in Seattle and the greater Puget Sound region. Unlike most sites, we do not charge you for the number of impressions (the number of times the page with your ad is viewed) but rather for 1 or 3 month blocks of time. This gives you a better value for each advertising dollar. Your ad space will not be shared with any other ads during your paid run time. We ask that you pay for your advertisements before we run them. Three sizes of ads are available on this site: square button, half banner, and footer banner.

» Click Here to Download the Website Advertising Rate/Requirements Sheet (PDF)

We offer 4 opportunities to advertise on the website:

1) Footer Banner is shown on the bottom of every page throughout the entire website. This format is a long narrow banner sized at 300 x 25 px. with a link to your website. Example:


2) Half Banner is a large ad in a prominent spot on the home page. The size is a rectangle 244 x 115 px. with a link to your own website. Example:


3) Current Issue Ad is a square button placed at the top of the sidebar running on our most current print issue web page. The size of the ad is IAB standard 125 x 125 px with a link to your website. Example:


4) Article pages Ad offer a great alternative – especially if one topic is of more importance to you than the others. A square button ad is placed at the top of the sidebar running with all articles under that topic. The size of the button is again IAB standard125 x 125 px with a link to your website. Example:


SI Online Website Ad Costs

Other Fees : In addition to these rates, all new ads must be created by the Seattle Industry’s staff; the cost is $100 (see “specifications” below).

  Ad Placement

1 month

3 months


Footer Banner $150 $350    
Half Banner $100 $250    

Current Issue

$100 $250    
Article Page $75 $200    

Advertising Specifications

  • All ads must be approved by the Manufacturing Industrial Council.
  • Prepayment of all advertising is appreciated and required.
  • Ad copy, photos, and logos must be submitted to the Manufacturing Industrial Council via email no later than the 20th of the month for editions during the upcoming month. Submit all materials to Advertising.
  • The Manufacturing Industrial Council will create/process the ad for the website.
  • The ad set-up cost is $100 per ad; minor changes to copy for subsequent ads are free.
  • Advertiser supplies:
    • photos as jpg files, 72 dpi
    • logos as jpg or doc files, 72 dpi
    • sketch of how ad should be laid out, if appropriate
    • link to ‘landing page’ on advertisers website
  • Stock photos are available for an additional fee.
  • Advertiser will receive a proof prior to publication; corrections may be made at this time.
  • If you wish to use our graphic designer to create your ad that cost is $85 per hour.