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Seattle Industry Fall 2008

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Seattle Industry Online is published by the Manufacturing Industrial Council of Seattle

Contents Fall 2008

Volume 5, Number 2 (PDF version 4.1 MB)

Well head at the Chena Hot Springs Resort, pumps
hot water instead of oil (photo by Dave Gering) .


6 A4-B4 We All Go Green

In support of the October 10, 2008 Green Industrial Business and Career Expo, we take a extended look at emerging power resources, greener technologies, and the shifting politics of the A4 era - as in, After 4-dollar-a-gallon gasoline

8 Green Gusher

Bernie Karl hit pay dirt early, but we all may be enriched by geothermal power.

16 Hybrids from Foss Maritime and Kenworth Truck

Two of the region's oldest companies turn to new technologies to create tugboats and trucks that save on fuel costs while dramatically lowering diesel emissions.

20 Ahead of the Curve

The Port of Seattle moves to stay ahead in reducing seaport greenhouse gases.

22 In the Air and On Land

Boeing greens up as the aerospace industry takes a deep, hungry look at the jet fuel potential of algae.

26 Styrofoam Category Killer

Another Vancouver, BC company helps us go green: PAKIT creates biodegradable alternatives to Styrofoam and other petroleum-based products.