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October 20, 2010
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City Hall Low Lights

It's no fun to bring clouds to such a sunny day, but duty calls us to highlight two bits of unfortunate news coming from City Hall.

Electric Rates Rising?

For the third time in 12 months the City of Seattle appears headed for higher electric rates. The Manufacturing Industrial Council submitted a letter regarding this which can be found here.

When the city raised rates last fall, elected leaders offered the consolation that at least it would help reduce our carbon footprint by encouraging us to use less electricity. Just one problem. Seattle's electricity is generated by carbon free hydroelectricity.

Road Diet Crusade Continues

On August 17, 2010, staff from the Seattle Department of Transportation (SDOT) informed the city freight advisory committee that the Duwamish Transportation Management Association (TMA) supports a road diet on East Marginal Way. Just one problem. The TMA opposes the road diet.

A letter was sent to SDOT to set the record straight but, on October 19, 2010, staff from SDOT once more told the freight group that the TMA supports the East Marginal Way road diet. A similar misrepresentation was made earlier in the week to a community meeting in Georgetown.

So, once more, let's set the record straight. Nobody we know in the Seattle industrial business community supports the East Marginal Way road diet. That includes the Duwamish TMA which last spring received a lifetime achievement award for its collaborative work with the cycling community.

Which just goes to show that it's hard to be a multi-modal transportation group in a city where the government appears to grow ever more mono-modal.

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