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June 11, 2010
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Clouds Parting?

Don't make too much of this, but you might want to check out the availability of ice skates given the possibility hell might be freezing over as regards to the ill fated South Park Bridge.

On Wednesday, Seattle Mayor Mike McGinn and City Council member Sally Clark each told a community meeting in South Park that the City of Seattle will contribute cash to help replace the sagging bridge which will close on June 30.

This might not seem like it should be news, given that the bridge links the Seattle neighborhoods of South Park and Georgetown.

But, due to the hapless history of municipal annexations in the State of Washington, King County government wound up owning the bridge even though it connects two city neighborhoods from which Seattle collects local tax revenue.

And, for the past 81 years, elected leaders at Seattle City Hall refused to accept any financial or moral responsibility for the bridge, even when it became apparent that the bridge would be lost with many bad consequences for the many Seattle city tax payers and businesses located in South Park.

The Mayor and Councilmember Clark would not identify the size of Seattle's contribution, but an adequate chunk would vastly improve the odds of King County landing a major federal grant to help pay for the bridge. The grant application is due in August.

It's easy to be cynical given the city's track record on the bridge, but here's a cheer for the Mayor and Councilmember Clark for signaling the new direction. Let's hope the city gives enough to help land the federal support. Email or call the Mayor and full council today to thank them and ask the city for a big fat contribution.

Cyclists Worried About “Road Diets”
A Seattle City Council decision to permit the city transportation department to subject a key north Seattle freight route to a "road diet" is the subject of a great column in the Seattle Times today by Nicole Brodeur. You can find the column online Here.

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