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January 5, 2010
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MIC and TMA - The one two punch!

Coming and Going

The Roman god Janus was the source of the name January which brings us to the first bulletin of 2010 and an interesting news flash from City Hall.

On Monday, as new Mayor Mike McGinn took his ceremonial oath of office, the City Council announced that it was hiring its own lobbyist to represent the Council in its dealings with state officials in Olympia.

Until now, as far as we know, city government used a unified approach in Olympia that in recent decades was organized through the city's Office of Intergovernmental Relations.

But that office is run by the Mayor and it's hard not to think of Janus when contemplating the decision by the Council to retain a lobbyist it can call its very own.

You may recall from mythology class that Janus was the god with two faces. The ancient Romans believed this enabled Janus to see the future and the past. He was also regarded as the god of gates, doors, beginnings and endings, and comings and goings.

Which somehow seems appropriate as we wait to see how things will shake out between the Council and the Mayor during the McGinn era at City Hall. Two thoughts come to mind.

First, the decision doesn't seem to portend well for city government relations in Olympia. Nothing unites the Ds and Rs in Oly like their shared dislike for Seattle City Hall. Look for two-face jokes to soon begin echoing around the Capitol Rotunda of the capital city as legislators are button holed by different lobbyists for the Mayor and Council.

Then there's the bigger issue of relations between the Council and the new Mayor. Relations were frosty at best between former Mayor Nickels and the Council. Some believe things would be cozier between the Council and the new Mayor.

But, as the lobbyist issue shows, one never knows. Except, maybe, Janus.

2010 Northwest Industrial Energy Efficiency Summit
Wednesday, January 20, 2010
Convention Center - Portland, Oregon
8:00 am - 5:00 pm
(with reception following)
Registration - $150

The Bonneville Power Administration, Northwest Energy Efficiency Alliance and WSU Extension Energy Program invite you to attend an important one day event.

Energy is at the forefront of today's national and international news. With a projected increase in energy demand of 30% over the next 20 years, will the northwest's energy resources be enough to power tomorrow's needs?

Join industry, business and government executives from Montana, Idaho, Washington and Oregon as we explore one fundamental question: what will industry's role be in the Northwest's energy future? With over $55 million committed to industrial energy efficiency in the Northwest in the coming two years and studies showing that energy efficiency is one of the most cost effective strategies to reducing operational costs with the potential to save NW industry over $400 million dollars annually, now is a critical time for industry to act.

Steve Wright, CEO of Bonneville Power Administration; Matt Rogers (invited), Special Assistant to US DOE Secretary; Melinda Eden, Oregon Council Member for the Northwest Power and Conservation Council; Dave Zepponi, President of the Northwest Food Processors Association and Tom Osdoba, Managing Director for the University of Oregon's Center for Sustainable Business Practices will discuss the challenges, resources and opportunities that industry has in providing leadership to the energy programs, policies, innovations and education that will ensure the Northwest's industry will continue to use energy as a strategic advantage.

State-level working groups will explore the individual and group solutions that will allow industry to access the resources and solutions that can help industry realize the potential identified by the region's planners. These working sessions will include decision makers from industry, government and influential energy programs like Idaho Power, Northwestern Energy, Energy Trust of Oregon, Washington State University Extension Energy Program, Oregon Department of Energy, Bonneville Power Administration and the Northwest Energy Efficiency Alliance.

Please register for this important event on-line at If you have questions contact Paul Landaker, NWFPA Marketing Director at Feel free to share this email with customers and colleagues you think may want to participate. Sponsorships are still available at

We look forward to seeing you in January!

Two Weeks of Closures and Detours in SODO Start Monday Night

4th Ave S off-ramps from northbound and southbound I-5 will closed nights 9pm - 5am Monday-Friday, Jan 4 - 8. Construction will begin on the new SR 519 I-90 off-ramp to the S Atlantic St/Edgar Martinez Drive S overpass. Signed detour: I-5 northbound traffic detours to the S Dearborn St off-ramp and southbound traffic detours to the Airport Way S off-ramp.

Alaskan Way S closed between S Atlantic and S Massachusetts St nights 7pm - 6am Monday - Monday, Jan 4 - 18. Utility crews will work near the entrance to Terminal 46. Signed detour: Northbound traffic detours to 1st Ave S via S Hanford St and southbound traffic detours to 1st Ave S via S Atlantic St.

S Atlantic St westbound right lane closed from Colorado Ave S and Alaskan Way S daily from 7am - 5pm, Wednesday, Jan 6 - Monday, Jan 18. Closure is for utility work.

For more info see: SR 519 Intermodal Access Project and S. Holgate Street to S. King Street Viaduct Replacement Project.

Sodo Construction Update

If you use the West Seattle Bridge or Spokane Street - You need to pay attention. There is a lot of construction as you know but off ramps and more streets are going to close. Please follow this link for all the construction information you need to know.

South Park Bridge

Big bridge project is 'shovel ready': Federal, state, and King County officials signed off on the final environmental review for a new South Park Bridge last Friday signaling that the project is "shovel ready" if federal funding is approved. Read why King County and its partners are so eager to replace the 78-year-old bridge: Link

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