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September 2, 2009
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MIC and TMA - The one two punch!
The South Park Bridge's Last Chance

One of the benefits of being a member of the MIC, is that we go to meetings for you and stay abreast of the mischief that our local governmental agencies get into. Then we alert you when your action is necessary.

NOW is one of those times when YOUR ACTION is necessary.

The South Park Bridge has been falling apart for many years. For a number of years King County DOT has been telling us that they would have to take the bridge out of commission in 2010 if it was not replaced. The engineers have been holding it together with duct tape and baling wire while looking at new bridge alternatives and performing an EIS. That's all done now and we're just down to the money.

The last chance to make up the $100 million dollar gap is Round 2 of the federal stimulus "gotta be shovel ready" transportation grants. The County needs lots of public support letters to accompany their request or the South Park Bridge will get lost in the flood of other requests pouring in from all over the country.


The First Ave S Bridge is carrying the lion's share of the load already, right? Who cares if they close the South Park Bridge?

You might be right IF the South Park Bridge was only carrying local residents across the Duwamish River but IT'S NOT. The South Park Bridge has 20,000 crossings a day, 13% of them trucks and the locations of the businesses whose trucks are using the South Park Bridge are spread throughout the Duwamish and Tukwila industrial centers.

Maybe you're not one of those businesses. With so few crossings of the Duwamish River available, what would it mean to you if 1st S had to take on the additional 20,000 vehicles? It means that the current high congestion level right at the 1st S bridge goes into overflow. See what we mean?

Note that the graphic showing the traffic flow after the bridge is closed doesn't factor in any other interruptions - like say a little bit of construction.

When the COUNTY closes the South Park Bridge in 2010 and the CITY is rebuilding Spokane St and the PORT is building the new East Marginal Grade Separation and the STATE is reconfiguring the south end of SR99 by the stadiums - suddenly the roadways aren't big enough. As a matter of fact, the CITY, the PORT and the STATE all figured that the South Park Bridge would still be in place carrying traffic across the Duwamish River while their projects were under construction. But it won't be…and we're all gonna' feel the impact.


The grant's due next month. Put the attached letter of support on your letterhead and send it to King County Executive Kurt Tripp at, with a copy to

We do our part, let's hope the grant writers do their part very well, and that the project is shovel ready enough – 'cause it's the South Park Bridge's Last Chance.

Seattle Posts Manufacturing Jobs Gain In Tough Economy

The impact of the manufacturing industry on Seattle's economy is profound. Recently, the Puget Sound Business Journal reported that Seattle is one of only eight labor markets out of the largest 100 labor markets in the country to experience a net gain in manufacturing jobs in the last five years. Furthermore, a new study commissioned by the Seattle Office of Economic Development confirms the importance of manufacturing in the Seattle-area economy.

The Basic Industries Economic Impact Analysis (warning 8.13MD pdf) revealed that manufacturing jobs in Seattle grew by 10 percent from 2005 to 2008, while the nation lost nearly 5 percent of its manufacturing jobs during the same time period. Industrial businesses, including manufacturing, make up almost one fifth (18 percent) of Seattle's total job base and are critical in maintaining a balanced local and regional economy.

Mayor Greg Nickels launched his Industrial Jobs Initiative in August 2007 to continue his support for Seattle's industrial and manufacturing businesses. At the heart of the mayor's initiative were new land-use recommendations with the goal of maintaining existing businesses and jobs, while encouraging new industries.

The Seattle Office of Economic Development regularly supports local manufacturing businesses by providing technical support, access to business resources and assistance in navigating governmental services.

For more information, read the full text of the economic impact study or the Puget Sound Business Journal's coverage of Seattle manufacturing (synopsis next story).

Source: OED's Bottom Line daily blog, August 7, 2009

Washington Maritime Industry To Receive $7 Million in Stimulus Funds

Ten Washington shipyards, including four shipyards in Seattle, will receive more than $7 million in federal economic stimulus money from the U.S. Maritime Administration, U.S. Sen. Patty Murray announced recently. Seattle's Office of Economic Development worked extensively with local shipyards to help them access these funds.

In total, seventy shipyards around the country will receive $98 million in federal stimulus funds. Washington State's $7 million slice is the largest award won by any state. The funds will be used for shipyard infrastructure improvements, including equipment and work area upgrades, as well as employee training.

"Our small shipyards are a critical piece of our domestic maritime industry — and of Washington State's economy," Murray said in a statement. "Especially while our economy is struggling, these grants are important to help our domestic shipping industry stay strong and competitive."

The ten shipyards include (Seattle) Todd Pacific Shipyards, Kvichak Marine Industries, Foss Marine, Lake Union Dry Dock, (Pt Orchard) Safe Boats International, (Freeland) Nichols Brothers Boat Builder, (Eatonville) Marine Fluid Systems, (Everett) Everett Shipyard, (Bellingham) All American Marine, and (Port Angeles) Platypus Marine.

Source: Seattle OED's Bottom Line daily blog, August 19, 2009

Integrating Urban Architecture Into Seattle's Land Use Planning

The Seattle's Department of Neighborhoods (DON) is currently working in conjunction with other groups to develop a comprehensive Food Policy Action Plan which will identify areas that are underserved by grocery stores. The DON will then analyze the findings to develop an action plan to increase access to fresh food in vulnerable areas.

This could have some interesting impacts on both the Georgetown and South Park residential neighborhoods located within the Duwamish M&I Center. Both communities have advocated for the need to have grocery stores located closer to their homes. Today they rely on stores in Beacon Hill and West Seattle. For a more in-depth report, follow this link to Northwest Hub.

Source: Daily Digest from Office of Economic Development, August 20, 2009

Football Might Cause Problems This Week

Thursday's Seahawk game could bring a lot of traffic – and congestion – to downtown Seattle. On Sept. 3, at 7 p.m., the Seahawks host the Oakland Raiders. The football game will probably attract more than 60,000 fans, and many will arrive early which could slow down the afternoon commute in downtown and the SODO area.

Husky kickoff on Saturday The University of Washington Huskies open the 2009 football season at home this Saturday, Sept. 5 with a 7:30 p.m. game against Louisiana State. The UW will offer free bus service to home games this season. Metro will provide direct bus service between Husky Stadium and the following park-and-ride lots: Kingsgate; Houghton; South Kirkland; Eastgate; South Renton; and Federal Way. The UW has contracted with Starline Coaches to provide service from the Shoreline and Northgate park-and-rides.

In addition to the park-and-ride service, riding to the stadium on game day is free on any Metro bus or Sound Transit Express Route 554 when you show your Husky ticket.

For more information, see Metro Online or the Huskies website.

Labor Day Weekend + Bumbershoot

Expect heavy traffic everywhere, especially through construction zones.
Such as I-405 around Renton, I-90 across Snoqualmie Pass, I-5 in Everett and SR-520.
Most construction projects will be halted in observance of the holiday, but lanes could be narrow and rough so take it easy out there, and have some patience.

Maybe you could take transit. :0)

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