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December 1, 2008
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The Manufacturing Industrial Council of Seattle was created 10 years ago as a group of about one dozen companies that met monthly to advise city government on issues impacting the industrial job base. Since then, the "MIC" has grown to become a full time program that provides a variety of support services to industrial firms while conducting an ongoing communication program about the enduring economic and social value of industry in the Pacific Northwest.

Frank Blethen, publisher of the Seattle Times, Greg Nickels, Mayor of Seattle, and Jill Wakefield, Chancellor of the Seattle Community College District, will be special guests at a banquet Wednesday, December 3, to celebrate the 10th Anniversary of the MIC and its sister group, the Duwamish Transportation Management Association. To RSVP for the banquet, contact Pam Romine today at 206-762-2470 or

MIC and TMA members have donated thousands of hours of volunteer time over the past 10 years to meet a wide range of needs in Seattle's industrial business community.

These are among their collective accomplishments over the past 10 years.

  • Accepted responsibility to serve as the "community steward" group that helps the city implement its Duwamish Manufacturing & Industrial Center Plan.

  • Helped the Seattle Jobs Initiative start a welding class for people with poor or no work histories, eventually enabling more than 200 people to gain entry-level welding jobs.

  • Formed the city's first freight mobility advisory committee, now operating as an official advisory committee to the city.

  • Formed the Duwamish TMA to team up with non industrial firms on regional and neighborhood transportation issues and services.

  • Worked with the city to create the Seattle First business retention program, helping about 170 businesses try to resolve disputes with public agencies and succeeding in more than 70 cases.

  • Created the "Easy Rewards" commute trip reduction program, helping about 2,000 Duwamish-area workers try carpools, vanpools or some other alternative to drive-alone commuting.

  • Worked with the Mayor and his staff to conduct the first-ever official trade mission to Anchorage, Alaska by a mayor of Seattle.

  • Created Seattle Industry magazine, distributed to 12,000 industrial firms throughout the state.

  • Created the Northwest Industrial Index, a survey that can gauge business revenue and job trends for more than 160 subsectors of manufacturing in Washington state.

  • Helped develop the Puget Sound Industrial Excellence Center at the Georgetown campus of South Seattle Community College, a new $20 million facility dedicated to improving industrial education and training programs.

  • Cosponsored the first-ever Green Industrial Business and Career Expo, with 50 exhibitors attracting 400 people including 150 educators. Cosponsors included Boeing, PACCAR, United Technologies, Nucor Steel, MacDonald Miller Facility Solutions and MulvannyG2 Architecture and one dozen apprenticeship programs.

  • Worked with the City Council and Mayor to secure the largest commercial electric rate reduction in 40 years.

  • Worked with the City Council and Mayor to maintain industrial zoning at Interbay, the primary hub for the Seattle-Alaska factory trawler fleet.

  • Worked with the Mayor, organized labor, community councils, environmental organizations, the Port of Seattle and the City Council to reduce the amount of non industrial development allowed in the city's designated industrial centers.

To learn more about the MIC, the TMA and member benefits, visit the website,

The present roster of MIC and TMA members contains 70 companies, including many that are among regional leaders in their fields. To see a current member roster Click Here

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