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November 6, 2008
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Post Office Mystery

U.S. postal facilities in north SODO are now being processed through government surplus procedure, meaning they may soon be put up for sale. That normally wouldn't be too newsworthy but at this time it is.

The facilities include a multi-story parking garage that sits adjacent to the new Sound Transit station located at Lander and the 5th Avenue Busway. The station will open for transit riders in 2009 when Sound Transit initiates Link Light Rail service.

No parking facilities are presently planned to support the station, which would leave the transit riders competing with others for scarce SODO street parking. Which would seem to justify taking a look at using the existing parking garage to absorb some of the new parking demand. But, is that possibility being considered by the powers-that-be?

We don't know, but we are trying to find out in time for a community meeting scheduled for next Thursday, November 13.

The meeting will focus on transit and parking issues related to the Sound Transit station on Lander and another near the sports stadiums on Royal Brougham. The meeting is scheduled for 2-3:30 p.m. at the Mezza Café at the Starbucks Center at 1st and Lander.

Information will be provided by representatives from the City of Seattle Department of Transportation, Sound Transit and Metro. Representatives for the postal system will be invited to provide additional information about the parking garage. The meeting is sponsored by the Duwamish Transportation Management Association with support from the SODO Business Association.

The meeting is open to the public and Seattle Industry will distribute an article with any new information that comes forward prior to or after the meeting.

SODO post office staff confirmed this week that the property on Lander is going through the surplus process but couldn't provide details beyond that. Seattle Industry submitted a request for information to postal authorities today and will report back when additional information is received.

The SODO Green Guide for Businesses, ways to save money and the environment
Join us on November 13, 8:00 – 9:30 a.m. at The Pear Garden (3220 First Ave. S.) for a fun-filled breakfast celebrating the Green Guide. Be prepared for an energizing activity followed by speakers highlighting money-saving "green tips". Breakfast provided by Herban Feast. You don't want to miss it!

The SODO Green Guide for Businesses, an idea conceived by Mike Peringer, President of the SODO Business Association, was developed to give our local businesses a single place to begin the search for information on energy efficiency, saving money, and becoming 'green'. Finding comprehensive resources to make our businesses more energy efficient and reduce waste and pollutants is challenging, and many of the small SODO businesses don't have the time to search for tips and resources. This Green Guide was made possible through a grant from Seattle's Office of Economic Development.

A few tips from the SODO Green Guide for Businesses include:
▪ Work with other neighboring businesses to determine if there are opportunities for carpooling.
▪ Retrofit trucks with single-wide tires instead of dual tires to reduce fuel consumption.
▪ If you need to replace a computer, consider a laptop. They use much less energy than desktop computers.
▪ Install shades or blinds to control the heat gain and heat loss.
▪ Consider variable speed devices on motors or multiple motors to allow for varying demands.
▪ Avoid the excess cost of bottled water, serve Seattle's fresh tap water in the office.
▪ If your company maintains a mailing database, be sure you keep the list current.

Please join us on November 13 and receive your copy of the SODO Green Guide for Businesses! Contact Mike Peringer at the SODO Business Association at 206.292.7449 or for more information.

Come to the Party
We are planning the Manufacturing Industrial Council 10th Anniversary celebration. The date is December 3rd, 2008 from 5:15-9:00 at Rock Salt Steak House at 1232 Westlake Ave N on Lake Union.

We are looking for table sponsors and/or table captains - or 1/2 table captain, if that works better for your circumstances. This celebration will be a fund-raiser to kick off the next 10 years so we are asking for fine wine contributions in order to have a FABULOUS raffle event! Don't be shy. Let us know if you can shepard a table or have a fine bottle of wine to contribute.

Call for more information 206-762-2470.

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