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May 8, 2008
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Manufacturing Growth
It's often hard for some people to put those two words together, but a regional economic survey shows that Washington manufacturing in continues to grow while far outperforming manufacturing across the nation.

Like the authoritative monthly national survey published by the Institute of Supply Management, the regional survey is gauged by the number 50. Anything above 50 shows growth, anything under 50 shows contraction.

The April survey of of western Washington manufacturering companies resulted in a score of 62, up from 53.5 in March, according to the Western Washington chapter of the National Association of Purchasing Agents. That compared with scores of 48.6 for April and March in the national ISM survey. For the first four months of 2008, the average regional gauge for western Washington was a robust 61.6 compared to 49 for the nation.

According to the two surveys, manufacturing in western Washington began to outpace the nation during 2003, thanks to the construction boom, with a dramatic regional upswing in 2005 that was fueled by the rebound of the Boeing commercial airplane division.

The survey results are consistent with a new in-depth survey of Washington manufacturing that appears in the Spring 2008 issue of Seattle Industry magazine, which is being distributed this week. If you want a copy of the magazine, email us.

Boeing Boost
The survey figures also reflect that in spite of the highly publicized 787 snags, Boeing is in the midst of a very healthy surge in commercial aircraft production.

According to records released this week by the Washington State Department of Revenue, commercial aircraft production in our state generated $39 billion in revenue in 2007. That was up 11% over 2006 and it was more than 60% above revenue in 2004, the low point for the Boeing slump during the first half of the decade. To put the 2007 sum in additional perspective, it exceeded the previous all-time high of $37 billion generated by aircraft production in 1999, although the sector still has a way to go to match the 1999 figure if you account for inflation. The 1999 figure would be close to $47 billion in today's dollars.

According to the new state numbers for 2007, other manufacturing growth sectors in the state included food products, up 16%, paper products, 12%, metal production, 22%, fabricated metals, 9%, machinery, 10%, computer-related electronics, 11%, other electrical equipment, 48%, and boat building, 12%. Most sectors making building supplies were down or stagnant and wood products growth was a tepid 3%.

But even "tepid" was better than the 2007 cooling that chilled many service sectors. Bank and credit union revenues were down 9%, the insurance industry slumped 4% and telecommunications and real estate both dipped by 1%. Which may help to partly explain why revenues from drinking establishments soared by 23%.

The dollar amounts and percentages are based on gross business revenues that must be reported to the state for B&O and other tax purposes by all companies for their operations within Washington.

Industrial Land Use Bulletin;
A monthly article listing the Land Use Permits filed with Seattle's DPD that pertain to industrial lands. The information will only appear once a month in our bulletin but it stays on the DPD page for 6 months.

(3001242) 1400 S Dearborn St, Notice of Directors Recommendation on Rezone Application, Environmental Determination and Public Hearing. The City of Seattle Hearing Examiner is conducting a public hearing on the recommendation of the Director of the Department of Planning and Development (DPD) to rezone property from IC 65' to NC3-85'.
Project Description: Proposal includes a 6-story building containing 696,000 sq. ft. of retail, 45,000 sq. ft. of administrative office and 565 residential units in residential towers above the commercial bases. Parking for 2,307 vehicles to be provided within the structures. Project includes demolition of all structures on site and 260,000 cu. yds. of grading.

(3008298) 5900 Airport Way S, Application, Land Use Application to allow one new structure and an addition to an existing structure. The project consists of a new five-story office building (96,200 sq. ft.) with 17,600 sq. ft. of retail, 2,300 sq. ft. of restaurant, and an additional 3,800 sq. ft. of office located at grade. Parking for 110 vehicles will be located below grade. The project also includes a 12,000 sq. ft. addition to an existing 9,000 sq. ft. landmarked structure (Rainier Brewery "Brew House") for retail use, pending short plat #3007930. The three additional landmark structures on the site will remain.

For more details go the link below and search by permit number. Call us if you have a concern or question, (206)762-2470. Click this link:

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Spring 2008 issue
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