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April 16, 2008
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$431 Million & Counting Changes for Mercer?
Inflation and the failure last fall of the regional Proposition 1 funding measure have blown a half billion dollar hole in the city's transportation construction budget, imperiling projects closely connected to future plans for the Alaskan Way Viaduct and State Route 99.

Those are among the pieces of a huge financial puzzle that the Seattle City Council is attempting to solve over the next few weeks, with a final decision scheduled for mid-May.

The issues impact three major projects: widening the Spoken Street Viaduct in the Duwamish, construction of the Lander Street Overpass in SODO and developing a two-way system for Mercer Street in South Lake Union.

The projects now require at least $431 million in new funding just to get started, according to the city transportation department, and more money would be needed to finish them. To put that figure into context, the city's entire transportation construction budget for the next seven years is about $1 billion.

All three projects have been touted as potential alternative routes for traffic displaced by disruptions to SR 99 during construction related to the Alaskan Way Viaduct.

The existing plan for Mercer would not help much, if at all, but city transportation director Grace Crunican told the City Council's Transportation Committee on Tuesday that the state may now support an expansion of the Mercer project to create a link between Interstate 5 and Elliott Avenue, an improvement that could support freight service to and from Ballard and Interbay.

To address the growing cash shortfall, the Mayor is proposing that the city shelve the Lander project to free up cash for the other two projects. That money would come from funds raised through the city's $365 million Bridging the Gap street maintenance and construction levy approved by voters in 2006. The Mayor is proposing to provide additional money for the projects from some of the bonding capacity created through the BTG levy.

Members of the council transportation committee expressed concern Tuesday about how much more money is needed for the projects and the use of maintenance resources to pay for construction. One reason for the 2006 levy was the City's past failure to budget adequately for street maintenance.

The Council hopes to vote on the final funding plan May 12.

Next MIC Meeting MOVED
The next MIC Executive meeting will be on April 29th NOT April 22nd. We will host new City Councilmember Bruce Harrell at our April 29th meeting, who will be interested to hear from MIC members about City Light electric rates.

NOTE TO ALL MIC MEMBERS: the MIC gathers monthly at its Executive Committee meeting (usually) the fourth Tuesday of each month at 3:30-5:00 pm in our office on 1st Ave S. Every member of the MIC is invited to these meetings. A typical agenda includes updates on organization programs, speakers (including elected officials and governmental project or department leads) on topics of current interest and discussions about where and how the MIC should be advocating its positions. This is your opportunity to keep abreast of topics of concern to your industrial business, to provide direction for the organization, and to determine how or if you would like to get involved

Are you in the Fold?
If you are a private business owner or manager who finds the Seattle Industry eBulletin information useful (not just interesting) then you're the kind of business who should be a MIC member. The MIC is a non-profit association of industrial business owners and managers who are dedicated to improving government services and public sector decision making for the greater Seattle industrial business community. We are engaged in a membership drive this year to expand the scope of industry segments and areas that we represent. We are only as strong as our membership. In 2008, our members will be working with the Mayor, the City Council and the Port of Seattle to develop an "Industrial Action Agenda" that will identify specific, realistic actions that the city, the Port and other public agencies can take to better support the industrial base of our city. Becoming a member today adds your voice and concerns to this important work. Click here for more information on how to join, or call us at (206) 762-2470.

Earth Day - Duwamish Alive!
Join the Fun! Restore the River!
Come join us as hundreds of volunteers roll up their sleeves to work on multiple simultaneous habitat restoration projects along the Duwamish River.

Duwamish Alive! is a chance for people to reclaim the river by weeding invasive plants, planting native species, mulching the planting areas, and picking up debris from the riverfront sites.

From 9:30-2:00 we will be working. Then from 2:00-5:00 we will spend the afternoon enjoying FREE food, performances, nature hikes, environmental education, and giveaways!

Sites include: Duwamish Waterway Park in South Park, Gateway Park North/8th Ave. S. in Georgetown, Hamm Creek in South Seattle, Codiga Park in north Tukwila, Duwamish Riverbend Hill Park in north Tukwila, Pigeon Point in West Seattle, Roxhill Park in West Seattle. Brandon Street Natural Area in West Seattle.
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New Date
April 29, 2008
3:30-5:30 PM
MIC Conference Room
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