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April 9, 2008
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SODO Transportation Forum Thursday
If you're in the dark about looming SODO transportation construction projects, enlightenment will be available at a community forum Thursday morning at the Diamond Club of Safeco Field beginning at 8 a.m. The forum is sponsored by the Duwamish Transportation Management Association with assistance from the Seattle Mariners. RSVP by calling 206-762-2470.

Alaska Pipeline Progress?
A $30 billion plan to build a pipeline to transport Alaska's natural gas to the Lower 48 took an apparent step forward Tuesday with an announcement by oil giants BP and ConocoPhillips that they are moving ahead with the long-planned project.

The oil companies said they'll begin field work on the North Slope this summer and will spend $600 million on the project over the next three years. They estimated the mammoth pipeline might be designed, permitted and built within 10 years.

Much work remains before the project becomes a reality, but if it moves forward, the pipeline would provide major economic benefits for the Washington state economy because of the state's role as the primary supplier and shipper of Alaskan consumer and industrial goods.

Under the plan set forth Tuesday by the oil companies, the pipeline would extend 2,000 miles from the North Slope to Alberta, Canada. If required, a second leg would be built 1,500 miles to transport the gas directly to the Lower 48.

Many environmental groups support the project because of its potential to reduce the use of coal to generate US electricity. But the pipeline might also become ensnared in new development regulations that could result from a proposal to list the Alaskan polar bear for protection under the Endangered Species Act. BP and ConocoPhillip's announcement here.

Hot Enough For You?
Maybe you or another employee of your company needs to know the answer to that question. South Seattle Community College is now providing Residential Energy Auditing courses at their Georgetown Campus. Students who complete the class can sit for the national BPI certification exam and become certified building analysts. The next class is starting on April 15. For more information contact Molly Baxter, (206) 768-6672 or Click here for flyer.

It's Not What You Know But Who Knows You
The International Division of WA State CTED is creating a directory for the Industrial Machinery, Equipment & Supplies Industry to promote the sector overseas. This directory will be distributed to potential partners and buyers by CTED's overseas reps during seminars and trade shows and posted on our overseas offices' web sites. Companies will be notified of any inquires or leads generated by the directory. Listing in the directory is free of charge. Click here to complete form and a CTED staff person will contact you with further details

Industrial Land Use Bulletin
There have been requests to bring back this monthly article listing the Land Use Permits filed with Seattle's DPD that pertain to industrial lands. The information will only appear once a month in our bulletin but it stays on the DPD page for 6 months. We work toward a timely listing, however, some of the comment periods may have past. If you wish to comment on an expired listing, you can go through the MIC or BINMIC, as they are the community stewards and might have some lea way on comment due dates.

04/07/08 (3007069) Decision on 5975 East Marginal Way S. - Shoreline Substantial Development to allow removal and replacement of a portion of the existing industrial ramp, conveyors, gravel barge off-load system, and steel pilings and towers. Project includes installation of a new sheetpile wall and removal of material that has accumulated below the existing ramp conveyor.

03/27/08 (3008712) Application on 1652 SW Lander St - Shoreline Substantial Development Application to install a 6,600 barrel above ground storage tank (277,200 gallons, 38' in height) at an existing petroleum storage and distribution facility in an environmentally critical area. Project includes installation of kiosks, pipes, pumps, pump house and related equipment.

For more details go the link below and look up the information by date or permit number.

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