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Hot Metal
Not too long ago, some believed metal trade companies were doomed to extinction in the flat earth economics of the 21st Century. Instead, the sector grew faster than information services and today, metal trades are bigger in Washington than wood products.

If this sounds familiar, you probably heard it first through earlier issues of the Seattle Industry eBulletin. But if the metal trade boom is news to you, the Bulletin is probably new, too.

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The Bulletin is an online supplement to Seattle Industry, a magazine that is periodically distributed to nearly 13,000 industrial businesses throughout the state. The eBulletin goes out weekly and links readers with articles, reports, clippings and other news they often won't find anywhere else -- like the amazing growth in metal trades.

From 2002-2006, metal fabricators and machine manufacturers in our state collectively recorded revenue growth of 96% to $9.2 billion and job growth of 14.6% to 32,900. That was nearly triple the average revenue growth rate for other companies (39%) and surpassed overall job growth of 12%. Along the way, metal trades grew into a bigger sector than wood products, which had 2006 revenues of $8.7 billion and a payroll of 20,000. By revenue, metal trades also grew bigger than many more visible service sectors, including real estate, with $8.9 billion in revenue; telecommunications, $8.8 billion; insurance, $6.3 billion; computer services, $6 billion, and legal services, $4 billion.

These trends were identified through the Northwest Industrial Index and they will be examined in depth in the April issue of Seattle Industry magazine.

The Seattle Industry eBulletin is published by the Manufacturing Industrial Council of Seattle. For more information, call 206-762-2470 or email dgmic@qwest.net.

The Boom Next Door
U.S. economic forecasts might be gloomy, but high oil prices continue to fuel a frenzy of construction and economic opportunities in Alberta, Canada. Companies from Washington can connect with potential customers and investment opportunities at the National Buyer/Seller Forum March 25-27 in Edmonton, Alberta.

Edmonton is just 90 minutes by air from Sea-Tac, a fact that illustrates our good fortune in being so close to such a hotbed of economic growth. The Alberta oil sands stretch across an area about the size of Florida and it is believed they contain the second largest oil reserves in the world, trailing only Saudi Arabia.

Petroleum is the focus of the big push, but oil development is expected to bring 250,000 new residents to Alberta, a population influx that is driving demand for construction, building supplies, industrial supplies, groceries, shoes, hair cuts
you name it.

The Washington State Department of Community, Trade and Economic Development (CTED) is offering a $1,500 package that will connect Washington companies with Canadian companies looking for partners during the Edmonton Buyer-Seller Forum. The fee covers the $700 registration fee for the forum and the services of Strategico Marketing Group, a Calgary firm that will work with you ahead of time to set up meetings with appropriate Canadian firms.

If you want to learn more, contact Brian Pleet of Strategico at (403) 286-0038, or bpleet@strategico.ca. Or, go to the Strategico web site at www.strategico.ca. Or, you can sign up through Andrew Crowder at CTED, 206-256-6140 or andrewc@cted.wa.gov.

642,000 Miles Saved
More than 642,000 car miles and $366,000 in car operating expenses were saved by Duwamish area workers utilizing the Easy Rewards program over the past eight months. The program provides financial incentives to employees who try carpools, vanpools, public transit or some other alternative to drive-alone commuting. More than 320 have joined since June 2007. From June 2007 through January 2008, the program participants also eliminated 17 tons of carbon monoxide emissions.

Incentives are still available for new participants through the Duwamish Transportation Management Association (TMA). To sign up, call Erin Evetts at 206-762-2470 or visit www.duwamishtma.org/easyrewards.


Getting Your Hands Dirty in the Duwamish
The Georgetown Riverview Restoration project is back in action on Saturday, March 1, 2008. Join neighbors and friends at the first clean-up project of the year at Gateway Park North starting at 10:00 AM until 2:00 PM. For more information go to: www.georgetownneighborhood.com/Riverview.html or contact Katrina Mendrey, Outreach Coordinator at kmendrey@yahoo.com or 206-595-3085. Please RSVP.



Hot Metal
The Boom Next Door
642,000 Miles Saved
Getting Your Hands Dirty in the Duwamish



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