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June 19, 2013

Mayor's Race In A Crossroads Year

The 2013 race for Seattle Mayor is on the agenda for the June 25th meeting of the Manufacturing Industrial Council. The meeting is next Tuesday, 3:30 to 5:30 p.m., at the Georgetown campus of South Seattle Community College.

Two candidates expressed interest in meeting with the MIC – Peter Steinbrueck, who is scheduled to speak at Tuesday’s meeting at 5 p.m., and Charlie Staadecker who has yet to RSVP.

Steinbrueck is a former City Councilmember who has taken a very clear position in opposition to the proposal for a third sports arena and entertainment complex in SODO.

Other opportunities will be extended to other candidates to meet with the MIC as the election season continues to progress.

The mayor’s race is taking place during a crossroads year for two major issues that are also on the MIC agenda for the June 25 th meeting – the Duwamish Superfund and SODO traffic.

Rural River?

After more than a dozen years of study and discussions, the federal Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) published a plan in February, 2013 that proposes a Duwamish cleanup comparable to those that might be found in a rural river. The EPA plan is at odds with the industrial nature of the Duwamish. It also goes beyond cleanup plans agreed to earlier by the City of Seattle, the Port of Seattle, King County and The Boeing Company.

The MIC submitted a comment letter last week regarding the EPA proposal. Read our letter here. The cutoff for public comment on the EPA plan was last week, but it appears likely that the Superfund debate will heat up in the months ahead. Tuesday’s meeting will include an update and discussion about future steps.

SODO Traffic

Tuesday’s meeting will also include an update on the SODO Transportation Project conducted by the Duwamish Transportation Management Association. The TMA effort was described here in a recent issue of Seattle Industry. It concerns the safety, freight and general congestion issues that require attention by local, regional, state and federal officials.

Preliminary findings and recommendations from the project were presented last week at a community forum attended by elected representatives from the Port of Seattle, the City of Seattle, King County and the State Legislature. Outcomes will be available to help provide better SODO input into new state and local efforts to plan for SODO freight needs, and city plans for north SODO including a review of stadium area land use, and an update to the city bicycle plan.

Input for the project included an online survey of more than 420 SODO employees from more than 40 SODO companies. Outreach included a door-to-door survey of SODO businesses.

Outreach efforts identified that many companies highly value the efficiency of the port’s marine cargo facilities on Elliott Bay, while many employees feel unsafe or inconvenienced by SODO’s unique multi-modal mix of rail, car, truck, pedestrian and bicycle traffic.

The Superfund and SODO transportation issues will require leadership by whoever wins the 2013 race for mayor.

Learn more at the meeting June 25th.

RSVP for the June 25 th meeting to Tory Gering at 206-762-2470, or by email at . The meeting will be held in Building B at the north end of the Georgetown campus, 6770 East Marginal Way South. If you RSVP we can help you make arrangements to comply with the new charge of $2 for parking at the community college.


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