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SODO Arena Controversy –
The Road Ahead

Posted: September 20, 2012

Seattle City Councilmember
Tim Burgess

Seattle City Councilmember Tim Burgess will meet with the Manufacturing Industrial Council on Tuesday, Sept. 25, at 5 p.m. to talk about a proposed agreement involving a potential NBA arena and entertainment complex in SODO. The City Council is scheduled to vote on the proposal on Sept. 24, so the MIC meeting will provide a timely opportunity to learn more about the present state of the arena proposal and the future review process.

If the city council approves the proposal, as expected, the city agreement will be sent to the King County Council for further review and potential approval.

Burgess helped develop a compromise agreement that would include a fund of at least $40 million for SODO freight transportation improvements. Much more money is needed to address SODO traffic concerns.

The MIC and other organizations oppose the concept of a third SODO sports arena, primarily because of impacts on marine cargo facilities and traffic on the east side of Elliott Bay. The new agreement developed by Burgess and others attempts to address those concerns.

The meeting with Councilmember Burgess will be held in Building B of the Georgetown Campus of South Seattle Community College at 6770 East Marginal Way. The meeting is open to all but please RSVP to Pam Romine so we can make sure to provide enough seats. Any questions, call MIC Executive Director Dave Gering at 206-762-2470.



Sick Leave and Day Cares in Industrial Zones

The rest of the Sept.25 MIC meeting will include an update on the city’s new sick leave ordinance that took force on Sept. 1.

The new requirement includes a rule change that makes it possible to use other paid-leave benefits to meet the requirements of the sick leave ordinance. The rule change was made in response to concerns raised by business representatives who attended the MIC’s Manufacturing Roundtable with Mayor McGinn on June 22, 2012.

The Sept. 25 meeting will also include a discussion about a potential effort to revise an industrial zoning provision regarding day care facilities.

Rainier Beach HS Machine Shop

The Seattle Public Schools opened a revamped machine shop at Rainier Beach High School earlier this month. Nobody we know can remember the last time a new machine shop opened in the district.

The Rainier Beach machine shop will become the site of a new aerospace science and technology program available to all Seattle public high school students.

The program will be based on a new “Core Plus” manufacturing curriculum that is being introduced this year at 19 high schools throughout the state including the Puget Sound Skill Center high school program in Burien that serves students from the Highline, Federal Way, Tahoma and Tukwila public schools.

The Rainier Beach machine shop was reopened with help from employees from The Boeing Company, GM Nameplate, Machinists Inc. and Pacific Fishermen Shipyard.

The new Core Plus programs will be highlighted at the MIC meeting on October 23. The Manufacturing Industrial Council is helping to coordinate business efforts to support Rainier Beach, the Puget Sound Skill Center and other schools implementing Core Plus programs. Abundant opportunities are available for businesses to participate. For more information, call Dave Gering at 206-762-2470.


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