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David Kimble, Branch Manager


Dry Out with Western Waterproofing

Posted: May 16, 2011

David Kimble

Record cold and rainfall is getting many of us down. But if clouds really come with silver linings, one of them must be tethered to 4429 Airport Way South. That’s the new location for Western Waterproofing.

The company moved to Georgetown from Renton last year to be closer to its many customers in Seattle. From a meteorological viewpoint, the timing was precipitous. Manager Dave Kimble is pictured to the right. If you can see through the deluge that poured down the day the photo was taken, you can see he’s smiling.

Protecting your building from the rain isn’t the company’s only mission.

Western Waterproofing also specializes in exterior and interior concrete, brick, block and stone masonry restoration for any and all structures, ranging from parking garages to historic landmarks.

It can also draw on the additional services and resources of its parent company, the Western Construction Group, a 96-year-old firm based in St. Louis, Mo. In addition to restoration services, the national firm manufactures high-quality metal ornaments and it has branches in more than 30 states.

But, helping you get and stay dry remains a major focal point of the subsidiary based in Seattle and Dave acknowledges that Washington offers more business opportunities than, say, Texas. South Seattle is especially good because it is not only drenched from above – it is soaked from below due to the neighborhood being barely above sea level.

So, even though the forecasters are predicting a much anticipated sunny stretch, business prospects won’t dry up anytime soon for Western Waterproofing.

Viaduct Traffic Good

The much-dreaded day arrived Monday as three lanes were reduced to two in each direction along a mile-long stretch of SR 99 and the south end of the Alaskan Way Viaduct. The outcome? So far, so good.

A 9.9 mile south-bound commute from a home in north Seattle to an office at 67th and East Marginal Way started at 7:05 a.m. took just 18 minutes while traveling the speed limit almost the entire way. North-bound SR 99 looked much worse, especially where traffic from the West Seattle Bridge attempts to merge. But, starting at 7:23 a.m. it only took 22 minutes to travel the same 9.9 miles north.

Lunch-time travel times were about the same - and all travel times were about the same as usual.

The weekend closure of the viaduct had a bigger impact. Traveling north on Interstate 5 we encountered traffic at a crawl beginning at Spokane Street with stop-and-go conditions all the way to the NE 45th St. exit. It took about 25 minutes to travel that distance. It usually takes about 10.

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