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Pay Dirt

Posted: December 8, 2010

Mario Bailey and Tevyn Tillman

Tevyn Tillman spends four hours every work day riding a Metro bus to commute between his paid SODO Inc internship at Ballard Oil and his home south of Seattle. He says the long rides are worth it.

“The money is a good motivator, but I also like all the work experiences. I also like the people at Ballard Oil. It’s a good group.”

Ballard Oil owner, Warren Aakervik, is known for being somewhat outspoken. But Tevyn did so well in the internship he rendered Warren almost speechless. “Great. That’s how he did. One word. Great.”

Tillman is one of a dozen interns who will cross the goal line this week, successfully completing a SODO Inc. internship with the support of King County Work Training Case Manager extraordinaire, Mario Bailey.

Bailey is responsible for recruiting and coaching the SODO Inc. interns and he is a big reason for the interns’ success. He’s also the reason for all the football metaphors.

An All-American wide receiver on the UW national championship team in 1992, Mario played professional football for years, then coached high school football before going to work at King County one and a half years ago.

“I liked coaching football,” Mario says, “but this is more worthwhile. I like working with young adults like Tevyn and helping them get jobs and be successful.”

Tevyn is an 18-year-old high school graduate who wants to work to save money so he can get more schooling. He has good prospects for fulltime employment.

The SODO Inc. intern program is a partnership between the Manufacturing Industrial Council of Seattle, King County Work Training, South Seattle Community College, the Puget Sound Industrial Excellence Center and the Duwamish Apprenticeship Education and Training Center. The program is funded by the Workforce Development Council of Seattle-King County with a grant from the federal American Recovery & Reinvestment Act.

Interns receive four weeks of training and earn certificates for fork lift operations, flagging, first aid and CPR, OSHA 10 including hazardous materials, workplace safety, and introductions to tool and equipment use. Training is followed by four weeks of job experience with wages and insurance provided by King County.

Companies participating in the current round of internships include Asko Processing, Balancing Service, Baley Roofing, BracePoint Railings, CDL Recycle, GM Nameplate, Laird Plastics, MacMillen-Piper, Pacific Fishermen Shipyard and Electric, and Pioneer Human Services. If you wish to participate as an employer in the SODO Inc program contact Carla Dean, Program Manager, 206-762-2470 or email


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MIC Meeting Tuesday, Dec. 14

Superfund issues, stormwater regulations and economic develop strategies that might address those two regulatory nightmares are all on the agenda for the Dec. 14 meeting of the MIC Executive Committee, starting at 3:30 p.m. at 6770 East Marginal Way in a NEW LOCATION, Room A112.

Room A112 is in Building A on the north side of the driveway as you pull into 6770 East Marginal Way, directly opposite Building B where MIC meetings are usually held. Signs will be posted. RSVP to Pam 206-762-2470 or email.

The Superfund issues will be presented by staff from The Boeing Company and the Port of Seattle. The new economic development strategies will be explained by Roque Deherrera from the City of Seattle Office of Economic Development. The strategies are based in part on ideas that the MIC has been discussing with City Council President Richard Conlin since last May.

Tim Ceis will also make a brief presentation on behalf of Vulcan regarding prospects for a new uphill truck lane on West Mercer Place that’s part of the discussion about improvements to create Two-Way Mercer in south Lake Union.

Save the Date - Jan. 12th, 2011

Alaskan Way Viaduct Update

Duwamish TMA Public Forum
Wednesday, January 12, 2011
8:00am - 9:30 am
Safeco Field, Diamond Club

Ron Paananen, WSDOT Project Manager, and Ron Judd, Director of Community and Stakeholders Outreach for Viaduct Project, will be attending to explain the construction work that will start in February 2011 to replace the southern portion of the Viaduct.


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