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Not the Kamasutra

Posted: November 10, 2010

A Different Playbook

First, the bad news. Much of the world is aghast at the decision by the U.S. Federal Reserve to spend $600 billion buying up U.S. treasury bonds.

Now, the good news. In a speech in India, President Obama lauded that country’s decision to free its economy from the regulatory constraints and encumbrances of its legendary “licensing raj,” a change in government behaviors and bureaucratic attitudes that helped unleash India’s economic boom.

And, now, the real news.

It looks like the fed’s decision is designed in part to lower the dollar and boost US exports. That would align with the President’s pledge to fix the economy by doubling US exports and that’s why Germany, China and other major export countries are complaining about the fed’s decision.

But, if the President wants to boost US exports, he should take a page from the Indian playbook – and we’re not talking about the Kamasutra.

We’re referring to the President’s own observation about reeling in the licensing raj.

Want to boost US exports? Cancel the fed plan and reign in the US licensing raj.

Reduce production costs by reducing government constraints and encumbrances and the value of US exports would rise faster then Babhravya on a field trip to a Viagra factory.

Adam Dalenius Charlie's Produce

Commuter Spotlight: On The Bus to SODO

Do you ever wonder who rides those Metro buses going through SODO everyday?

Adam Dalenius, an Inventory and Quality Control Specialist at Charlie’s Produce, can be found on the bus in SODO, commuting from his home in Ballard.

“The 18 bus takes me right there; no need for me to transfer,” says Adam.
Charlie’s, the largest fruit and vegetable distributor in Washington state, is located on 2nd Ave South near Spokane Street – not exactly the center of transit service in King County. Yet taking the bus has become a way of life for Adam.

A year ago, Adam, looking to make some financial adjustments, decided to sell his car and start using public transit. “It was the most logical decision,” he says. He estimates his savings at $400 a month.

The trip to work takes about 45 to 50 minutes. While driving would be faster, Adam finds his time on the bus relaxing. “Before work I’ll listen to my IPod, enjoy a book or newspaper, and have my morning coffee. … I like that I can just sit back and let someone take me where I need to go.”

Charlie’s Produce makes it easy for Adam to take the bus. “I get my monthly ORCA pass directly deducted from my check and comes out pretax,” Adam says. “We also have monthly and quarterly drawings for employees that use public transit or carpool. Last quarter I won a great work jacket.”

The successful transportation program at Charlie’s shows how businesses can make a difference and help reduce congestion.

Do you have a commuting story to tell? We’re looking for employees in the Duwamish who use alternative transportation and want to share their story. We’ll be highlighting several commuters over the next few months and we may publish your story. Contact for details.


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